coaching framework

Typical therapy sessions begin with identifying the problem and trying to find quick solutions. The Aim to Be coaching process begins instead with Vision: what you want your life to look like when you are 90 years of age. Why? Most problems are such because you are not living the life you want. Defining and embracing your Vision is the essential first step in determining how to get “on track” with your Vision, and align your Energy, Values and Choices to all support that Vision. In doing so, the “problems” are addressed through the process, rather than defining the sessions.


Every participant in the Aim to Be Coaching process starts by creating a Vision Board to define his/her Vision. This stage of the process is fully customized to be age appropriate. Each person dares to declare: I am worthy and deserving of all I desire! What does that look like?

This Vision is then written out and documented for absolute clarity. Once Vision is clarified, there will be the constant question: Are you “on” or “off” your Vision? Then, we work to align each person’s Energy, Values and Choices to ensure the reality of staying “on” that Vision.

This portion is fully customized for high school, college and post-college/adult participants, single or married, to ensure all bases of Vision are fully defined.


Our “cars” are all driven by “computer chips” that are strategically programmed to do it’s job so that the “car” can run smoothly. It is critical that all have a clear understanding of each of the “chip” functions and integrate them into how life is managed to support Vision. Each person’s “chip” or Energy, is a bit different. Together we focus on how to optimize your Energy to allow you to meet your Vision through managing your Energy “chips,” and pair that with an understanding of your DiSC Profile.


The DiSC Personal Profile provides an intimate understanding of “how your engine works.” It clarifies your nature, and your natural strengths and inherent needs. Understanding your DiSC profile helps you clearly recognize your own tendencies, better manage areas of strengths and limits, and be receptive to learning how and when to flex your behavior. Knowing your DiSC nature gives your Parent Chip an advantage in managing energies. This further helps ensure you are on track to reach your Vision.


The graphic below details each energy chip and provides an example of unhealthy and healthy chip sizes. The goal is to keep the Parent Chip in charge of all energy, to have plans in place that consistently manage Energy, and to nurture the Light Chip so that the “Dark Chip” that all of us carries is not able to interfere with our Vision.

Dark Chip energy is the voice that declares “I am not worthy” and is self-destructive. It is fueled to varying degrees by the level of one’s ACE score, by past trauma, and by personal and family mental health histories. Parent Chip is the voice that correctly declares, “I AM worthy!” and guides you with a healthy outlook toward living and protecting your Vision. Parent Chip energy, when nurtured and developed, understands how to self-manage Dark Chip energy. Along with those, Light Chip energy gives voice to your worthiness of a peaceful, fulfilling life. Together we “draw your circles” and identify and practice tools to get them to a healthy balance to ensure you get and remain “on” your Vision.



In today’s world of instant gratification, we have been programmed to believe: “If we want something, we can get it easily with the tap of a button!” Typically, when people look at a list of 50 values, they identify 25 or more values that are critical. The challenge with wanting too many values is that it can create anxiety, stress and depression because you can never attain all of the values you want. We focus on identifying only 5 values that are absolutely critical to support one’s Vision, and design action plans to guarantee their reality is in alignment.


There is one irrefutable life formula:

For every CHOICE is a POTENTIAL HABIT that becomes a LIFESTYLE!

All Choices need to be carefully assessed to ensure they are in alignment with your Vision so that you are “on” your Vision, not “off” your Vision. The process of working through aligning Choices to improve one’s life and attain one’s Vision is highly individualized for each participant, based upon one’s stage in life, past choices and existing habits.