Hear for yourself from others the impact that Aim to Be coaching has had on them. Thank you for understanding that those who have shared testimonials have been granted anonymity to respect their privacy and confidentiality.


When you are at the bottom of a dark hole it seems like there is no hope. Aim to Be coaching not only gave me hope, but it gave me the tools to get out of that hole. Grace takes a very hands-on coaching approach that is not defined by a 30-minute session. She takes the time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and she gives you the tools to overcome those weaknesses with practical applications. I have recommended people of all ages and walks of life. I have learned how to parent myself, manage my time, and live free. -S., 31, in recovery from alcoholism and dark chip parenting


Words cannot begin to express the difference Grace has made and the impact on my son's life. From the practical, to the social, to the emotional and mental she has worked in all areas with him with a verifiable change in his life. We have seen great fruit from their sessions together and cannot recommend her strongly enough. And the joy of it is our son has high regard for her and the process and sincerely appreciates Grace and his time with her. She has taught him how to set goals and stick with them, and how to take tests, how to plan for the future with diligence and how to have vision and follow through. -Mother of S., 31-year-old client


Grace's coaching process has completely changed my life. I'm sure that sounds dramatic, but the tools she has given me to manage my anxiety and depressive tendencies are nothing short of life-changing. I now have a clear vision for my future and an understanding of how to stop getting in my own way. Perhaps best of all, in addition to feeling more fulfilled and joyful in my own life, I am able to use the new skill sets Grace has taught me to help my children. I am so very grateful I had the opportunity to learn and transform under her guidance. Her coaching is a true gift. -W., 34


I wish that I had had the opportunity to work with Grace a decade ago so that I would not have made some truly boneheaded mistakes in my 20s! She has been instrumental in helping me understand how I am wired, how this influences my relationships with friends, family, and coworkers, and most importantly she has guided me through creating a vision for my life that shows just how I fit in to God's greater plan for me. -E., 33


I went to Aim to Be Coaching when in a “dark place” in my life and school. I learned how I worked and how I had a naturally “dark” tendency. I put myself on a schedule to manage all of what I had to do, but to also manage taking time to care for myself. I am in a great place now! I want to do a new vision board. I am no longer in that dark place. I used to say, “Anything I can do, someone else can do better. I am not worthy!” I learned the tools to get myself out of that dark place and stay out of there. Now, I am purposefully keeping my tank full. I am not the same person. -S., 20, college sophomore


This coaching process came into my life as a junior in college. I learned about vision and most importantly, I learned that I am worthy! I learned how to control the voices that were destructive to my vision and to grow my “parent voice” to protect my vision. I have since graduated from college and continue to fight for my vision in my life and in my work. Aim to Be Coaching helped me manage through the job searching process, as well as managing life skills.  -J., 23, college graduate


I have had the privilege to witness Grace's work with my 24-year-old son. Grace has a true gift of connection with others. She is authentic, energetic and deeply cares about her clients. She worked with my son intensively to complete his undergraduate degree after years of struggles. Her direct, insightful approach - creating one's VISION- and staying true to this has been truly priceless. My son graduated and has a completely new approach to education, work and life! We are truly grateful for Grace and her work!

I have also worked with Grace with my own personal and professional goals. She is strongly committed to her work and to helping people along their journey. Her warm style and use of humor make our meetings vibrant and fun. Her strong personal faith and support of our basic worthiness has changed the way I approach my life and work! -K., 50s


My son could not study well. All the meds could not get him on track in school. I heard about Aim to Be coaching and sent my son in for help. I am amazed with the skills my son learned to “build his brain tracks” to support his vision and to get his grades above average! Not only did he learn how to study, but we became partners to support his vision. Our home life is better, his school performance is better and my son has a vision!  -Parent of 16-year-old client


Having an actual vision board that I see every day is so helpful. I look at it every day and know to ask: “Am I on or off my board?” My vision board has a single cookie and then a giant stack of cookies. I know if I go for the “immediate cookie,” I will lose sight of the “giant cookies” that my vision offers me. I have written out my vision before, but seeing my vision of how I want my life to be is a gift. I also have a plan in place to keep my "light energy" full and my "parent chip" in charge. Grace gave me time to actually think through my vision and understand my energy and develop systems to manage it, and she has remained present to support me when I need.  -S. 22, college junior


Aim to Be Coaching helped me understand how I work, through the DiSC Profile, so that I can manage me to support my vision. I have felt weathered and worn because of my life choices. I naturally want to overdo so many things and drain myself. I realized I have to manage my nature so that I don’t overly commit and get lost on too many activities. I have learned to prioritize all my plans into levels (1, 2, 3) and take care of what is critical for me in finishing school first. -C., 22, college junior


 Aim to Be coaching prepared with me clarity and structures I needed to manage my life in college. I had a plan to start out college to manage my classes, roommates and free time. We designed a schedule to not only ensure I went to classes, but also have plenty of time to study and enjoy my free time. I also have a plan to keep me on my values. I am doing college my way! It is all going great! -H., 18, college freshman


Aim to Be Coaching helped me with having my plans to manage college. I am keeping ahead of my studies. I have friends in all of my classes as I planned. We are helping each other learn. I know where to go when I need to be alone and study. I am learning to say “no” to my friends as I keep my priorities first. Aim to Be Coaching helped me begin college with confidence and success! -D., 18, college freshman


I was elated to have the coaching time to work through the many challenges I was having with work and in making decisions for my life. I had been struggling with “dark challenges” that through time, that I was able to fully clarify and resolve. Having my vision board was a gift in directing my energy to making choices that have been amazing. My learning how to manage my energy to support my vision has been a gift. I have a strong voice in place that helps direct me each and every day!  -G., 34


Having Grace coach our son has been an unbelievable blessing to him. She has the ability to facilitate change in the maturing process of many young men in their twenties. Her ability to focus on strategies that increases their testing capacities, sort through life goals, move beyond previous setbacks and increased confidence with the  multiple complexities of life issues was/is beyond normal expectations. Recommending Grace and her style of coaching is a personal privilege for me. -Father of S., 29-year-old client


After graduating from college, our daughter informed us of her plans for a gap year that was abroad. We were not prepared for this and were not in support of her plans. Friends led us to Grace, who literally stopped everything to work with our daughter and to help us help her in "adulting," as the younger generating call it. Grace helped our daughter understand that if safety requirements are met, then she is free to make her life choices freely. We heard from our daughter as she presented her vision board to us. We were set at ease about the whole process. Grace truly operates with a higher calling. As our daughter begins practicing adulting, we are excited to see her take on more personal and financial responsibilities while participating as an active member of our family. Thanks a million! Love this process! -Mother of V., 22-year-old client